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MerinoSnug Rib Scarf. Made in Australia.

25cm wide 180cm long

Only the finest Australian Merino Wool is used in Merino Snug garments. Wool is one of the oldest textile fibres known and has unique properties:
Wool absorbs moisture vapour and provides comfort in both hot and cold weather. In cold weather, any moisture on the skin becomes cold but by absorbing the moisture, wool helps to keep us warm.
Whilst absorbing moisture, wool repels liquids. In this way, wool clothing protects you in the rain.
Wool has insulating properties which keep the body at an even temperature, preventing chills.
Wool is fire resistant and does not melt when burned. It cannot stick to the skin and cause serious burns.
Wool is naturally elastic and returns to its natural shape. This gives ease of movement when worn.
Wool wears longer because its fibres stretch rather than break. It is extremely tough and durable.

Merino snug colours:
Price: $99.00